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Water is everywhere.  It makes up everyone and everything.  Yet, somehow we have forgotten about the importance of the water we put into our bodies.  We have incorporated a healthy diet and exercise into our regimen, but what is easier than drinking water?  Should our drinking water not be the third pillar to our health and wellness?  

Kangen Water

Kangen is a water machine.  It produces 5 types of alkalized, ionized water - 

2.5 - Acidic (Disinfectant)

6.0 - Skin Health

7.0 - Neutral

8.5 - 9.5 - Drinking Water

11.5 - Emulsifier (Oil)

You can check out the 68 Uses for Kangen Water here.  You can fully replace your household cleaning products and use this water instead (talk about going green).  

Let's talk about the drinking water.  It has three healing properties - 

1. It is Alkalized - through electrolysis.  The machine splits the acidic minerals from the alkaline minerals, and only spits out alkaline minerals (Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium) for drinking.  The reason for this is to decrease your bodies acidic load.  I'll break it down - we are flooding our bodies with things it does not like, every day ... coffee, alcohol, processed food, soda, air pollution, chemicals, etc.  All of these things are acidic to the body, so the body takes charge and neutralizes the system with alkaline minerals.  But when it does not have these minerals handy, it leeches them from your own bones and tissues (ahem! dis-ease).  Which is where Kangen water comes in.  It provides your body with the minerals to buffer the system when need be.  

2. It is Micro-Clustered - Through the electrolysis process, the machine splits the water molecule into smaller molecules, so your tissues can more easily absorb them.  Essentially, it means optimal hydration.  

3. It is Hydrogen-Rich - Through the splitting of the water molecule, the machine separates the OH- from H+, which eventually forms H2.  That is active Hydrogen.  Active Hydrogen is one of the planet's most powerful antioxidants.  Oxidation basically equals aging, so antioxidants can be thought of as anti-aging.  Just one glass of Kangen water is equal to about 8 cups of blueberries in antioxidants.  That's rad.  And suddenly makes water the most practical way to optimize our health.  Which is so convenient.

The intention behind this product was to mimic water flow in nature.  This is no randomized, controlled trial but look at this at home blood analysis before and after drinking Kangen.


The machine was created in Japan by Enagic, a 40 + year old company in Japan, and is the only medical grade water ionizer on the market.  The company has received the Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association and is being used in commercial hospitals, wellness professional offices, gyms, mom and pop shops, and in homes all over the world. 

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