Online Nutrition School

With IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

An Online Holistic Health and Nutrition School

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My journey honestly started here.  After my solo trips abroad, all I knew was that I was passionate about wellness and nutrition.  And I needed to start somewhere.  So I started here. I truthfully cannot have imaged a better start to this journey.  This education supported me through my transformation as I created a new paradigm for health and wellness in this world.  

Here is what I loved about this school - 

- It is 100% online.  You can complete it on your own time, your own terms, and in your own location.

- It challenged me to completely redefine everything I thought I knew.  It opened my mind so much.

- It never once felt like school.  It felt like a podcast.  Every week there are new motivational speakers, new topics, and new epiphanies.

- It is not exclusive in it's curriculum.  They teach you about ALL dietary theories, and ALL schools of thought having to do with holistic wellness.  You get to walk away with a choice.  That's empowering.  

- You get to absorb information from speakers like Dr. Oz, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Deepok Chopra that is only available in IIN.  

What I loved most, is that I ended up feeling like the course was worth more than I spent on it.  I cannot remember a time in my life I have felt that way.  This course is beautifully and carefully created to empower each of us to find our own version of holistic wellness and to inspire that in our communities.  

If this interests you, reach out via my Contact Page, and let me know!  I will get you in touch with the IIN team.  With my referral, you will receive $1000 OFF YOUR TUITION.  Which is honestly insane.